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9 Best manual toothbrush

Do you want fresh and bright teeth? Do you find the poster smiles temptingly? But the stubborn yellow stains on your teeth stop you from shining? Well, everyone wants to have unparalleled teeth and smile. The one solution to tooth problems is a good toothbrush. And the market is full of hundreds of options to help you out in this task. But don’t you agree, unlimited options only create chaos? But we understand your problems, and so, we have sorted the 10 Best toothbrushes for you. As per your need and affordability, you can pick the best one for yourself and your family.

1.Oral-B Pulsar Toothbrush

Oral-B has never failed to amaze its customer. NowIt is here with a battery-operated toothbrush.This tooth cleaner has a split head feature that controls the amount of pressure put on the teeth and gums. The cavity-prone hard corners are cleanedlike a pro with this advanced cleaner. Due to battery, the toothbrush gently vibrates while brushing, providing massage to your gums, and removing stains permanently.


  • Battery function
  • Kicks stains
  • Provides massage to teeth


  • Not for children below age 3
  • Bit heavier than other ordinary toothbrushes

2.Oral-B clic manual toothbrush

Oral-B clic is an advanced generation manual toothbrush. The peculiar tooth stain removing technique of this toothbrush is what makes it different from others. It has multiple patented technologies that serve you the utmost comfort while brushing. The handle of the cleaner is designed with the dentists. The handlesmade from natural minerals look beautiful. The matt blackcolormakes it look bold and sober. The lower part of the brush includes a clicfit technique attachedto a magnet. You can stick it on the wall. It uses 60% less plastic than other toothbrushes.


  • Uses 60% less plastic
  • Clicfit technology
  • Magnet attached at the back
  • Unparalleled cleaning capacity


  • Magnet may stick stubbornly on the wall

3.Colgate 360° adult full head toothbrush

It is a great choice in comparison to an ordinary flat trim toothbrush. The Colgate 360° adult full head toothbrush has handles designed ergonomically. This cleaner has a unique cheek and tongue cleaning feature that leaves no scope for bad breathing. It kills 151% more bacteria than any other ordinary toothbrush. The brush includes polishing cups and a medium bristling feature that removes the hard stains and plaques from your tooth. According to dentists, you must replace the toothbrush every three months.


  • Kills 151% more bacteria
  • Easy to handle
  • Includes cheeks and tongue cleaner
  • Unique plaque removal feature
  • A pack of four


  • You might find the head a little larger.

4.Di QUI REN pink and a blue ultra-soft toothbrush

DI QUI REN is here with an ultra-soft toothbrush especially, designed for sensitive and bleeding gums. If you face bad odor or sensitivity problems, switch to these ultra-soft toothbrushes. The wavy brush head of these cleaners is designed in a way that it reaches the hard corners without harshness. It has 80% extra bristles than other tooth cleaners, i.e., 2000 soft bristles that look smooth enough. It helps remove smoke stains, yellowish stains, and gum problems.


  • 2000 soft bristles
  • Ultra-soft cleaning bristles
  • Removes bad odor and smoke stains
  • A pack of two


  • Doesn’t remove stubborn stains

5. Oral-B 3D White Luxe Pro-Flex Manual Soft Toothbrush

Are you looking for two in one toothbrush? The one that goes gentle on the gums while harsh on the tough stains? Well, you found the right one. The Oral-B white luxe pro-flex manual soft toothbrush is designed, keeping in mind your needs. It has a dual-flexing design on its head accompanied by a unique stain removing a feature that kicks out 90% tooth stains. You get fresh and all-white teeth after every use. So, what are you waiting for?


  • Dual-flexing head design
  • Harsh on stains and soft on gums
  • Removes up to 90% stains from teeth
  • Highly recommended by dentists
  • Pack of four


  • Not for children below 6 years of age.

Note: Do not chew the brush or bite it.

6. Oral-B Pro-Health All In One Soft Tooth brush

Are you using the straight bristle toothbrush? If so, you might not get rid of the plaques from hard corners because that’s not what a straight bristle promises. The Oral-B pro health toothbrush claims to kick out 99% plaques from tight corners of teeth from an optimal 16-degree angle. It is possible because of its cross-action bristles. It reduces gingivitis within 4 weeks. The cleaner includes tongue and cheek cleaner as well.


  • Removes 99% plaques from hard corners
  • Reduces gingivitis within 4 weeks
  • Includes tongue and cheek cleaner.
  • Remove stains and bad odor
  • A pack of 6


  • Not for children below the age of 3

7.Colgate Toothbrushes Premier Extra Clean

If you are looking for a family pack toothbrush with advanced features, you are at the right spot the Colgate is here with a super pack of 12 toothbrushes with different colors. These teeth cleaners have bi-levelbristles that clean the plaques from gum limes as well as tooth surfaces. It helps you maintain the bright and white smile throughout the day. The rear side of the toothbrush includes a good tongue cleaner for an odor-free mouth.


  • Pack of 12 with different colors
  • Good for hard to reach corners
  • Includes tongue cleaner
  • Bi-level bristles


  • Hard bristles
  • Thin handles as compared to other toothbrushes

8.Colgate 360 Total Soft Toothbrush with Tongue and Cheek Cleaner

This is a set of single brush from Colgate. The amazing polishing cups of the toothbrush helps remove stains.It also reduces bacteria up to 151%. The ergonomic handle is made keeping in mind the comfort of your thumb. The toothbrush comes with tongue and cheek cleaner for a complete mouth cleaning.


  • Removes stains from teeth
  • Kills up to 151% of bacteria from the mouth
  • Includes tongue and cheek cleaner
  • Comfortable and soft


  • No cons as such

9.Colgate Extra Clean Full Head Toothbrush, Medium

Colgate Extra Clean Full Head Toothbrush comes with unique circular power bristles that remove all the hard stains and take care of your sensitivity. The handles are thumb-friendly that leaves no pressure on your thumbs. This tooth cleaner reaches all the hard corners, including areas between teeth. It is a good and reasonable choice.


  • Unique circular power bristles
  • Reaches hard corners
  • Comfortable handle
  • Removes stains and bad odor


  • You might find the head a little small.

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