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What is knee braces its types and benefits?

Knee braces are a type of support that you wear when you suffer from knee pain. Some people wear them to stop knee injuries during sports. Bionic knee braces are manufactured from a mixture of straps, elastic material, plastic, foam, and metal. They are accessible in various designs, colors, and sizes. Some health professionals will advise wearing a knee strap or a brace to reduce knee pain. Whereas, some others don’t consider them as a good option. So, before buying one, it would be better to consult your doctor and see what can be a suitable option for you.

Different Types of Knee Braces

Knees rotate, straighten and bend slightly. At times, it creaks, and in some bad situations, it can give you the way. These are some standard functions of the knee joint. You may already know that knees are constructed by the tibia’s enunciation (lower leg’s bone) and femur (thigh bone) and is covered within the joint capsule. It includes a range of tendons and ligaments, which gives the structural frame for the joints. Because the knees can endure 80% of our weight when we stand, it is at a greater risk for injury, particularly in people who take part in vigorous activities and sports. There are several reasons for knee injuries, such as muscle strains, arthritis, worn-out cartilages, tendonitis, bursitis, and plenty of other problems. Postural misalignment like bow-legs or knock-knees may also prompt you to upcoming knee injuries. Several people suffering from various knee problems, people with arthritis and athletes, buy and use knee braces for pain relief or support.

Knee braces are beneficial to support knee joints to stop future injury while also releasing swelling and pain. Knee braces are lovely for the rehabilitation of the knee joints and surgery recovery. There are four general types of knee braces. Let’s know about each one of them.

1. Unloader/Offloader Knee Braces

These knee braces are made to relieve people who have arthritis in their knees, particularly people who suffer from medial compartment knee osteoarthritis. Unloader/offloader knee braces are made to unload stress from the injured joint by applying pressure on the femur (thigh bone).  That compelled the knee to turn away from the tender area. These knee braces can be very beneficial for people who are planning to undergo knee replacement surgery and want to release stress from your knees in advance.

2. Rehabilitative Knee Braces

These knee braces are beneficial to limit or restrict potentially damaging knee movements while a person is recovering after a knee injury or surgery. These knee supporters work best to guard a repaired or reconstructed ligament and enable the knee joint’s early activities. These knee su[pporters are also an excellent tool to safeguard the ligaments and knee joints to stop recurring or future injury.

3. Functional Knee Braces

It is employed to support your already damaged knees, either it is injured from a fall, a sport, or from playing. Functional knee straps are also excellent for eliminating rotation after a tear or an ACL injury and for people who require more support after an ACL repair surgery.

4. Prophylactic (pro-fa-lack-tick) Knee Braces

These types of knee braces are made to reduce and stop the severity of ligamentous knee injuries. Usually, these types of braces are used and enjoyed by athletes who frequently play sports like football. Prophylactic knee braces are made and used by players or athletes who want to play contact sports, for example, football. These knee braces safeguard medial collateral ligament or MCL against valgus knee stresses; also, we are securing the knee joints being injured again. These types of knee straps work wonder for contact sports athletes.

Benefits of knee braces

Among essential joints of the human body, knees help in the motions, and they are also involved in holding the weight of the upper body. While knee injury is common and can be credited to sports injuries, trauma, and degenerative conditions, proper knee support can help you avoid further damage and recover from injury. The significance and advantages of a knee supporter cannot be flashy, and the most suitable selection can aid you to perform your daily activities while guarding your knee. Knee braces are created of a combination of materials like plastic, metal, foam, and elastic to give relief from knee pain in several ways. Some of its benefits are mentioned here.

  • Corrects alignment: most knee braces are made scientifically to re-align your knee joint by reducing stress on the affected part. Also, they lessen further pain by stopping additional abrasion of the joint.
  • Prevents further injury: braces are beneficial to keep knees in a stable condition and prevent the knee from moving sideways. Since knee braces give a stable position to the knees, it also stops the knee joint from injury and overexerting.
  • Reduces load on muscles: a right knee brace can eliminate the burden of your knee joint’s influenced muscle and allow smooth movement. While treating a fracture, doctors can suggest using a knee brace to alleviate the knee.
  • Provides mild compression: a good quality knee brace can give comforting warmth only by condensing the tissues nearby the knees. This function can also enhance blood circulation and provides support to the affected tendons and cartilage.


Always ensure to take the measurement of your knee and see the size chart to get the right size of the knee brace that gives you the best fitting. The majority of knee brace have a compression style that offers a sense of tightness; however, they should feel supportive and comfortable. If you find your knee brace awkwardly tight, then you can select a bigger size, or you can loosen the straps. The most suitable knee brace for you will be based on the amount of support you want and what your health professional suggests. This buying decision depends on whether you are recovering from the type of pain or injury you have or recent surgery and how much motion your knee should be receiving.

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